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Social media can kill your career -- but not the way you think

Why you should avoid being overexposed in a digital world
By Rachel Farrell, Special to CareerBuilder.com

Social media have become the norm, both as a part of everyday life and as a part of your success or failure during your job search. You hear all the time about how to use social media in your job search or about social media as one of the many ways you can get fired -- or not hired.
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Negativity gets you nowhere in a social media job search

Employers admit rejecting applicants based on online information
By Justin Thompson, CareerBuilder Writer

A new study released by online reputation manager Reppler revealed that 91 percent of recruiters screen applicants via social networks, with 76 percent reporting that they view a candidate's Facebook profile. With the pending implementation of the new timeline profiles, candidates are probably going to have their info. viewed even more frequently by potential employers. To read the full article, click here.

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